Indestructible Dog Toys

What Are the Best Indestructible Dog Toys?

Indestructible Dog ToysDogs can easily get bored and, with you as their owner, its your responsibility to provide them with the entertainment.  If you don’t, your dogs tend to find other things such shoes and furniture to play with.  That is the reason why purchasing indestructible dog toys is important to keep them entertained and motivated.

No matter what age your dogs are they will be happier and more active if they have something to play with. Furthermore, finding durable toys is important to maintain a supply of toys for your dog.   This can help promote strong relationship between dogs and the owners.


So, how to choose indestructible dog toys? Firstly, that would depend on the size of your dog. If you have small dog then you need to buy durable toy which its size is suitable for it. It would be pointless if you buy very large ball since it can’t play with it.


There are some durable dog toys that are great for training. Other motivational toys can be great for your dog intelligence development. For instance, puzzle game with a treat to your dog if he/she solved the puzzle.


These are great idea to keep your dog active and motivated so it won’t get bored easily. If your dog is hyper active it would be pointless for you to purchase cheap dog toys that are easily ripped apart.  Trust me, this will save you a whole lot of money in the long run.


Some toys you choose may vary depending on your interests. There are balls, frisbees and tug toys.  The market does provide you with many indestructible dog toy options. But not all of them are designed correctly to protect your dog from toxic. So, you need to make sure that you choose non-toxic and safe durable dog toys.

Both you and your dog will experience the benefits by purchasing durable dog toys. Beside they will keep your dog happy and motivated.  Your dog will be happy to share every moment with you especially when playing around. Dogs are loyal pet. So, be loyal to your pet and get them quality toys.

Top 10 Indestructible Dog Toys

Image Product Name Rating Price
Indestructible Dog Toy Ruffwear Turnup
Ruffwear Turnup
4.5 Star Rating Buy Here
West Paw Design Jive
West Paw Design Jive
4.5 Star Rating Buy Here
Indestructible Dog Toys - WestPaw
West Paw Design Zogoflex Tux Guaranteed Tough Treat Stuffable Dog Chew Toy
Read Our Review
4 Star Rating Buy Here
Indestructible Dog Frisbee
Kong Flying Frisbee
4 Star Rating Buy Here
SatisPet Indestructible Jumbo Dog Rope Tug Toy
SatisPet Indestructible Jumbo Dog Rope Tug Toy
4.5 Star Rating Buy Here
Ruffwear Huckama
Ruffwear Huckama
4.5 Star Rating Buy Here
Goughnuts Indestructible Dog Toy
Goughnuts Indestructible and Guaranteed toy
Read Our Review
4 Star Rating Buy Here
Nylabone Big Chew Durable Toy Bone for Large Breeds
Nylabone Big Chew Durable Toy Bone for Large Breeds
4.5 Star Rating Buy Here
West Paw Design Bumi
West Paw Design Bumi
4 Star Rating Buy Here
Chuckit! Small Ultra Ball
Chuckit! Small Ultra Ball
4.5 Star Rating Buy Here

If you own a dog, dog toys can be very useful. They can be a perfect source of entertainment, dental hygiene and mental stimulation for your dog. What’s more, chew toys can be very vital as they help shift their attention from chewing your stuffs. Unfortunately, most toys fall apart or get destroyed easily, it’s therefore important to invest your money in the toughest toys.

Here is a list of the top 10 indestructible dog toys:

Ruffwear TurnupRuffwear – Turnup

This is one of the best dog toys that you can buy. Ruffwear Turnup has a “spongy” feel to it that keeps the dogs interested. The most interesting thing about this toy is that it can’t be destroyed easily. It’s highly recommended for those folks who own dogs that damage every toy that they get their jaws on.

It’s wise to note that this toy will dry out if left outside and lose its resiliency. If this happens, your dog can chew pieces of it off. Ruffwear Turnup is therefore recommended for indoor storage only. This toy is also compatible with ball throwers for long distance fetching.


· Floats on water

· Affordable

· High quality product

· Lifetime guarantee

· Does not produce any squeaking or any other annoying noises


· Some pets may reject the rubber smell

· Not ideal for pets that like squeaky noises


  • Some Dog may reject the rubber smell
  • If your dog likes squeaky sound, then this may not be your better option.

West Paw JiveWest Paw Design – Jive

West Paw Design – Jive is a very durable dog toy with an enjoyable, unpredictable bounce. It’s made in America and can be recycled. The best thing about this product is that it’s nontoxic. This means that its materials are not poisonous. It’s important to note that your dog can easily be killed if it chews or swallow anything that is poisonous. This toy can also fit in a standard dog thrower making it perfect for fetch.

Thrown fast and straight, Jive’s lively bounce will delight even the most annoying dog. West Paw Deisgn-Jive is an ideal dog toy to keep your dog entertained and away from your things. What’s more, they are FDA certified.

There is no dog toy that can prove to be 100 percent indestructible, but West Paw Design-Jive gets pretty darn close! To support this claim, if your dog is able to destroy this toy, they have a one-time guarantee.


· Non toxic

· FDA compliant

· Suitable for heavy chewers

· Has an hallow center that is ideal for dog treats

· Strong, long lasting and comes with 100m percent lifetime guarantee


It’s very hard to chew, so it’s only ideal for the most aggressive chewers

Tough treat stuffable dog toyWest Paw Design – Zogoflex stuffable chew toy

West Paw Zogoflex is among the best indestructible dog toy that is also water safe. This makes it an ideal dog toy for trips to the lake. It’s available in a wide variety of colors, most of which are highly visible. This makes them easy to be spotted and purchased. Bones are available in small, medium and mini sizes to best suit the size of your pet.

This dog toy is durable and enables your dog to work for his treat! It’s stuffable, tossable, workable, and recyclable. When it comes to cleaning, this toy is dishwasher safe. Its materials are tough, thus preventing the dog from tearing them off.

Just like West Paw Design-Jive, West Paw Zogoflex is also guaranteed in case your pet manages to chew through. This dog toy isn’t only for quiet chewing time. It also bounces and floats, making it ideal for active pets. It also has a hollow center for dog treats. This hollow center is also ideal for reward-based dog training, biscuits, peanut butter and kibble to encourage your dog to work at getting its treat.


· Recyclable

· Dishwasher safe making it easy to clean

· Recommended for discriminating dogs

· Floats on water, bounces and when emptied, it flings

· Non toxic

· FDA compliant


Not ideal for some dogs

Kong flying Frisbee

Kong Flyer FrisbeeKong flying Frisbee is designed for all dog breeds of all sizes. This dog toy is made of rubber making it perfect over hard Frisbees that crack and break easily when used by dogs. The flyer is soft so it can’t hurt your dog’s gums or teeth. It’s also strong, durable and won’t get damaged easily. It can withstand lots of hard play, extreme weather conditions and biting. You can leave it out in the rain and it will still be great.

Kong flying Frisbee is one of the easiest dog toys to throw. It flies perfectly in windy weather conditions and travels for a pretty long distance. It’s therefore recommended for dogs that love to run. It’s easy for dogs to pick up if it misses it or drops it. Without doubt this dog toy is guaranteed to last.


· Made from materials that is non-toxic

· Flexible, and easy on gums and teeth

· Strong enough to withstand extreme weather conditions and any rigorous use

· Easy to spot


· Doesn’t float

· Not ideal for aggressive chewers

· Not available in a wide variety of colors

SatisPet Large Dog ToysSatisPet Indestructible Jumbo Dog Rope

If you are looking for the best indestructible dog toys that last long, SatisPet is a must buy for you. This dog toy is very long and durable. It’s also ideal for all ages of large breed pets. It’s perfect for dog training, tug-war or fetching. SatisPet dog toy is also recommended for the strongest dog.

This is the most recommended dog toy for aggressive chewers. You do not need to worry about anything as this toy cannot be destroyed easily. Even the most aggressive chewers cannot destroy this toy. If you wish to play with your pet, just use the comfortable loop handle to avoid hurting yourself.

SatisPet premium dog toy is made only from cotton, this means that there are no any added plastics or toxics that could bring harm to your pet’s health and hurt his mouth or teeth.


· Safe for you and your pet

· The best quality

· Very durable

· Allows your pet to enjoy a game of tug

· Suitable for aggressive chewers

· Fun and practical


· Close supervision is required

· It takes some time for a dog to like this toy

Ruffwear Huckama toyRuffwear – Huckama

Ruffwear – Huckama dog toy is ideal for all active pets. This is a safe indoor dog toy. It’s not recommended to be used outside. This dog toy is made from sturdy nylon and provides your pet with several hours of fetching fun without worrying about your dog’s mouth. This toy is available with different colors and at different prices. You can get any color that you desire.


· It’s one of the best toys for the game of tug and fetch

· It’s made with durable nylon

· Minimal stuffing

· Interactive fun


It’s ideal for the game of tug and fetch, but not perfect for heavy chewers

Goughnuts Indestructible Dog ToyGoughnuts Indestructible and Guaranteed toy

This is probably one of the toughest dog toys that one can get. According to several customer reviews, this dog toy has proven to be the best and the most durable dog toy. It also comes with a lifetime guarantee.

For safety purposes, this dog toy is made with a red interior, so you will know when your dog has entered the area. Every time the green is showing, your dog is safe to gouhnuts. This toy is perfect for a game of fetch or a dedicated chewing session. All goughnuts Indestructible and Guaranteed toys are made to float. The toy is made to float so you can use it at a pool or at the lake.


· Soft check plush

· Have squeakers for extra fun

· They are strong, durable and can withstand tough play

· They are available in two sizes; this means that they can be ideal for most dog sizes


Some pets may not like the squeaking noises.

Nylabone Big-Chew Durable Toy Bone for Large BreedsNylabone Big Chew Durable Toy Bone for Large Breeds

This dog toy features dental nubs to control plaque and tartar build up. They are recommended for big dogs, usually over 50 pounds. They are also known for stimulating dog’s brain and improving their dental hygiene. This toy is not just good for your dog’s teeth, but it also massages the gums. It’s just as perfect as going to the doggie dentist. If you are looking for a dog toy that’s ideal for your pet’s health, get the Nylabone Big Chew Durable Toy Bone for Large Breeds.

This toy is made from strong nylon designed for long-lasting fun for aggressive chewers. The toys come in various flavors like bacon and chicken, which will encourage your pet to keep chewing the toy.

The bristle on this toy can help your pet’s teeth and control tartar and plaque build-up. This is one of the best dog toys that can satisfy your pet’s chewing needs. It’s an affordable dog toy with a soft extra nylon that keeps your pet engaged for hours. It’s useful at discouraging the digging behavior of dogs.


· It’s one of the most affordable dog toys

· Very strong and extremely durable

· Non toxic

· Has natural flavors that encourages dogs to keep on chewing

· Prevents tartar and plaque build-up


· Very heavy

· Suitable only for large breed

West Paw Design BumiWest Paw Design Bumi

West Paw Design Bumi is made to give incomparable chewing experience for aggressive chewers. It’s available in two different sizes and can comfortably fit any dog that is around 30 to 65 pounds. This dog toy is made from ultra-durable rubber materials designed to withstand the heaviest chewers. What’s more, the toy is puncture resistant and indestructible.

This toy is made in such a way that you can fill it with treats to help your pet with boredom and separation anxiety keeping any heavy chewer occupied. If you are tired of purchasing dog toys that get damaged easily and are looking for the most indestructible dog toys, West Paw Design Bumi is a top pick.

Made with floating Zogoflex material that is stronger than a rope, this dog toy is guaranteed to go the distance. Just like all the other Zogoflex dog toys, West Paw Design Bumi is latex free, FDA compliant, BPA and phthalate free and dishwasher safe. What’s more, this dog toy is strong and safe for your pet. If by any chance your dog ingests some pieces of this toy, it may cause blockage. It’s therefore advisable to be present at all times when your dog is having fun with this toy.


· Guaranteed tough

· 100 percent recyclable

· Dishwasher safe making it easy to clean

· Floating dog toy

· Exceptional treat design

· Several stuffing options


· Smells pretty intense

· Not ideal for all dogs, it’s small for some dogs

Chuckit! Small Ultra BallChuckit! Small Ultra Ball

It’s said that the very first ball thrower was designed by Chuckit. Many dog toys have tried to do what Chuckit does best since the late 1990s but none have come close. Chuckit! Small Ultra Ball is designed for the most demanding use. This is not just an ordinary dog’s ball; it’s the best ball for the game of fetch. This toy is designed to have high bounce, high visibility, high buoyancy, and high durability. It’s also ideal for playing near a lake, a pool or any other body of water.

This dog toy has a hollow center that allows you to grab it easily and hold it in your pet’s mouth. If you are looking for the most durable dog toy, Chuckit! Small Ultra Ball is one of the best indestructible dog toys that you will find in the market place.


· Floats in water, making it perfect for playing near a lake, pool or any other body of water

· Perfect dog toy for playing fetch

· Can be spotted easily as it comes with a blue/orange coloration

· Designed for the most demanding use

· High bounce for maximum play and fun

· Compatible with Chickit launchers

· Made for aggressive chewers

· It’s not fluffy; this means that it does not get dirty and strained easily like most regular balls

· Non-toxic hence safe for your pet


More costly than the usual tennis ball but its quality is worth the price

The Bottom Line

These 10 dog toys tend to be the most recommended when it comes to being indestructible toys for your dog. Finding an indestructible dog toys that can suit your dog and stand up persistent bites is not that easy. The list above should ease up your search of finding the best dog toy for your dog.


Choosing Safe Indestructible Dog Toys

Choosing a safe toy can be challenging if it is your first time. Choose the right toy will make your pet happy, and more importantly, prevent them from accidental injury. You can find safe toys from pet supply vendor or even use your own creativity to make one. But it is always a wise idea to put the safety as top priority.

The first aspect to choose a safe toy is about the size. If you are about to purchase small sized toy, think about it twice. Small ones tend to be fragile and easy to be broken. When they are chewed by our dogs, they can be broken into small pieces and those can stick to their throat. A toy that is too small is not safe for your pet.

Once the toy stuck in the throat, the worst possible risk is the death. With regard to this, small smooth balls are always bad choice. Hard rubber balls are recommended to prevent this. They are good choice. But you need to keep your dog under your supervision because it is possible that he chew it and some of materials can be eaten.

If you have small dogs, toys like Kongs are the best choice. It is impossible to chew it into smaller pieces. Even bigger dog find it difficult to chew into smaller pieces. Not forget to mention that you can fill the toys with dog treats.

If your dog is a ripper, you can consider purchasing the durable toys. On the other side, you can reluctantly choose toys like indestructible squeaky toys and plush animals if your dog is gentle with them. Otherwise, don’t buy squeaky toys if your pet is aggressive.

I’ve said that you need to keep your pet under supervision. I have a good reason for this. No matter how well constructed the toys are, or how strong the durability, most of them are capable to be broken at certain point. There is possibility that your dog will ingest them. These can result to 3 problems:

  1. Unnatural materials that are not consumable consumed by your pet. It can result in digestive condition.
  2. If the pieces are sharp, they can endanger your pet internally.
  3. If number 1 and 2 happened, your dog would be less motivated and traumatic.

So, it is indeed obvious that non-toxic toys are a must have. That is the safest way to keep your pet motivated yet safe from harmful materials.

How to choose Indestructible Dog Toys

All dog owners admit the importance of toys in their puppies’ development and in maintaining a happy dog after he has become an adult. Sticks, bones, the popular kongs, or plush toys, they are all meant to entertain the dog and, at the same time, to keep under control the dog’s habit of chewing things. Which brings us to another problem: the indestructible dog toy, which resists to chewing, throwing, biting and any other mechanical treatments your dog decides to experiment.

Why buy indestructible dog toys?

Toys help dogs consume energy and keep away boredom and depression. They are also useful when training a dog as many of them are designed to stimulate the mind of your four-leg friend not only to distract him from your personal objects. Indestructible dog toys are going to meet all the dog’s needs, without threatening his life or his health. If the toy can be easily destroyed, there is a high risk that small parts of it suffocate the dog or that these small parts are ingested, which can cause serious digestion issues and even death. Another reason for choosing an indestructible toy is the economic one. Indestructible dog toys are rarely inexpensive and spending a bit more for a good toy might seem not such a good idea at the beginning. As time passes and new toys are bought to replace the old ones, the owner will start reconsidering the first option and the idea of getting resistant toys only won’t seem that bad after all.

What to look for when choosing indestructible dog toys?

First of all, owners should try to buy all products from authorized providers only. More and more companies selling pet toys have certificated their products in order to guarantee specific standards for safety and quality. This way the buyer can be sure not only about the toy’s resistance, but also about the lack of any potentially harmful substances. Moreover, there are producers which are ready to replace an indestructible dog toy if this has been damaged. This tells a lot about how important the manufacturer is when choosing the right toy for your pet. When buying online, checking the other buyer’s reviews could help understanding how “indestructible” and safe one toy really is. Forums are another good place where to find reliable information from other dog owners. Pet stores are generally a good source for reliable toys, but you should still check if the desired product has been manufactured respecting the safety requests. For toys which are not designed especially for dogs, the Human Society advises pet owners to only buy products which wear the specification “safe for children under 3 years old.”

How to recognize indestructible dog toys?

Owners should know that an indestructible dog toy doesn’t resist forever, but it has the advantage of being a long lasting toy which doesn’t endangers the pet’s health. There are several factors which contribute to the toy’s durability, among them being the material from which the toy is made, the size of the dog and the type of activities he generally prefers. Another critical aspect is the dog’s chewing habits. Fabric and plush toys are hard to destroy by a gentle chewer, while for an aggressive chewer the best option is a rubber toy, or even the special hard rubber toy, especially designed for the large breeds, such as Pitbull and Labrador. Latex toys are also considered durable, but there are not recommended for aggressive chewers, as they might simply torn them apart in their mouths. Toys made of vinyl are strong enough, plus they are entertaining and fun, but most producers recommend keeping an eye on the dog when he is playing for safety reasons. Rope knot toys also last long enough to be introduced in the “indestructible” category and also have the advantage of cleaning the dog’s teeth. Another indestructible product is the fire hose toy, made from a resistant material which allows high pressure and extreme heat. Generally, these toys come with double-stitched ends, to make them even harder to destroy.

Some examples of indestructible dog toys

All rubber toys and special rubber toys are good examples. They can have various colors, shapes, and sizes, from donuts, to sticks and small animal shapes. As long as they don’t have any small or removable parts, all toys made from this materials are good to go.

Another example of indestructible dog toy is the flavored rubber dog bone, which is considered to be tear and puncture resistant.

The tire chew toys are also a good option for owners of dogs which are serious chewers. Large balls could also be considered indestructible. They are similar to the rubber jumping balls, and generally they have a rubber handle on top. Rubber balls are made of resistant material, they don’t pop, nor deflate.

Durable disks could also work well if they are made of good materials. Producer’s specifications should be checked for better understanding the product’s characteristics.

The Nylabone type of bone is a good toy and producers recommend it for large breeds. They generally have long lasting nylon ends which massage the gums when chewing.

How indestructible kongs are?

Kongs are considered among the most reliable toys existing on the market at the moment. Most of them are made from special strong rubber and are designed to resist to extreme chewing, as they are especially made to hide food inside of them. They are also fun and totally safe for the pet. Dog owners and professional trainers recommend them, as they are not only resistant, but also very useful when fighting against bad habits and chewing issues caused by depression. Most dogs keep the kong toys for years, as they are really indestructible dog toys.

Safety precautions

Owners should make sure that the toy chosen fits the size of the dog. A too large toy can harm the dog, while a too small one can be easily ingested or inhaled. Toys should be cleaned and sanitized periodically, so it is better to choose the long lasting products which are made to be washed in the dishwasher. Owners should check regularly all toys for scratches or degradation marks. All damaged toys should be taken away from the pet.

For more info on dog toys check out: Dog Toys from wikipedia.

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